Canavese: our territory



Canavese is a large area of the Piedmont region, rich in natural beauty , art and culture .
Here you can do and see a lot of things …. some examples?

Outdoor sports. You can practice:


v  Horse riding : the Canavese is a land of Horses


v  Paddling on Dora Baltea River or on one of our beautiful lakes (Candia Lake, Sirio Lake, Viverone  Lake … )


v  Nordic Walking and hiking in our mountains , in the five lakes area , in the local section of the Via Francigena, climbing in Valle d’ Aosta,


v  Paragliding and hang gliding at a glance on the lower valley and on our spectacular moraine


v  Hiking and mountain biking


… And much more



Canavese’s Castles  :


v  Ivrea


v  Mazzè


v  Agliè


v  Masino


v  Rivarolo


v  Montalto



Museums relating to the story of Adriano Olivetti and his concept of modern industry:


v  M.A.A.M. Museum of Modern Art and Architecture


v  Museo Laboratorio tecnologic@mente


v  Historical Archive Olivetti and Olivetti Foundation



Historical Carnival with Oranges Battle : a unique and important event, usually on February, to be seen at least once in your life ….


San Savino Horse Fair in July:




Important musical events :


v  Ivrea Jazz Festival,


v  Tavagnasco Rock ,


v  Ivrea in Musica,


v  Festival di Chiaverano,


v  GranBalTrad…