Who we are


The hostel belongs to Ivrea Canoe Club, an amateur sport association, which includes among its members, athletes and coaches well known in the sports world. The club owns, maintains and protects the Stadium of Canoe. Unique in Italy, it is the scene of many important international competitions.

The hostel is right next to the Club, overlooking the river Dora Baltea and close to the slalom stadium.

Our structure is available both for paddlers from all the world who choose to train in a stadium of Canoe, unique for the technical difficulty and for its natural origin, than for pilgrims on the Via Francigena, which stop in Ivrea during their pilgrimage to Rome. It is a cheap and  welcoming  place to stay in the city, lulled by the sound of the rushing river,Dora Baltea, that flows under the windows.

Anyone can sleep in our hostel, you do not need to be members or associates.

You only need to have a spirit of sharing and adaptation. The hostel is not a luxury hotel but it is a simple and cozy  place where you can make the acquaintance of roommates and fellow adventurers.

People share the common areas like kitchen, dining room, toilets and in most cases even the bedroom.

There is not a doorman and a fixed office hours, so you must agree on the time of your arrival when booking.